Photos are an excellent way to introduce a new blog post about a specific topic. While they may seem unimportant, they are significant. Bloggers swear by them and often begin their search before writing a new post. They also seem to choose images that match well with their topics.

As a professional blogger, I guarantee the process is easier than you think. This post will discuss how to find and where to buy the best blog photos.

How To Choose Eye-Catching Blog Photos
Cover Photo Credit: Lisa Fotios/Canva

Why Blog Photos Are Important

Photographs add imagery and usually relate to blogging titles. Sometimes, readers remember a specific article by its cover photo, especially if it’s fascinating. Many bloggers use additional photos for listicles to provide a visual description of numbered subtitled sections.

Unfortunately, not all new bloggers know how to choose the right images. Many rely on Google to find pictures to right-click and save on their hard drives. However, those images are likely on various other blogs and are used constantly. Although the method is easy and quick, many pictures are copyright-protected, and you can face complaints or legal action if you use them.

Several factors determine how imagery helps a blog post get attention. Consider remembering them when searching for an attractive photo before you start writing.

Draws Readers to a Blog

The more attractive the blog cover photo, the more readers will be motivated to read an entire post. They may also want to read other posts because they’re curious about your opinion on different topics. Therefore, a photograph must pull them in because it’s the second element they see after the main post title.

Relates to the Topic of a Post

An unrelatable image can confuse your readers. Therefore, a photo of one or two children playing with toys is a good choice if you write about children’s toys. Or, if your subject covers pastries, choose imagery of someone preparing a cake or danishes in a kitchen. See what I mean? Your content must be relatable to be understood visually and in context.

Combines Illustrations with the Context

Visually appealing photos can help tell a story while displaying human actions or inanimate objects in an article. They can also say far more than the written content in a blog post.

You must have an eye for images that relate to your written content and are easy to understand. On the other hand, you can learn how to tell the difference between boring and stunning photos.

Displays Vivid Colors

Photos that include bright, attractive colors get more attention than dull images. They make a post shine and catch the viewer’s eyes at first glance. Filters are available to manipulate the original version of an image. For example, you can add a bright tint to a dull red color, creating a lively, blood-red effect.

Uses High-Quality Resolution

Blurry photographs are bad for blogging, and professional blog writers swear against using them. They give a post an amateurish appearance but can also cause you to lose readers. An image should be as interesting as the written content. However, it can leave an unprofessional impression if the quality is poor.

I recommend using photos in a PNG file format because it’s sharper than a JPG. Also, consider choosing a size of at least 1920 by 1080, which is the standard for blog cover photos. It ensures easy viewing and maintains perfect quality even if resized to a smaller or larger version.

Why Stock Photos Are Good for Blogs

As a beginner blogger, you must know where and how to get photos to include in your blog posts. Many professional writers know the importance of images for their content. They also often know what websites are reliable for finding suitable photographs. Therefore, they only visit the best platforms to get what they need.

But what are stock photos?

Stock photos are royalty-free images purchased for websites, social media, and emails. They are an excellent option instead of using free image platforms or stealing photographs from Google. It would be best to consider using them for two reasons: 1) Not many bloggers are using the same photos, and 2) You don’t have to worry about getting into trouble for using someone else’s shots without permission (stealing).

Since a significant factor in becoming a famous blogger is uniqueness, you must choose photos that set you apart from other blog writers. As you continue to use them, you’ll know what works and what to avoid.

I love stock photos because once I buy them, they become my property to keep and use forever unless I decide to delete them. Another factor is that they’re often inexpensive and downloadable to a hard drive.

3 Websites To Buy Amazing Stock Photos

I’m a registered user of all three platforms mentioned in this section and continue relying on them for the best photos. I can confirm they’re legit and provide excellent content for inexpensive costs.

Check out this short list of platforms many bloggers (including myself) commonly visit to grab memorable images for their blog posts.

1. Canva

Canva is widely known for its social media templates that are ready to download and use immediately after purchase. However, it also provides photos in various categories that fit specific moods, actions, or topics. You can become a subscriber or pay a $1 fee to purchase one high-resolution image at a time.

Honestly, Canva is my favorite platform to get photos because they have countless choices. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for because Canva knows what its users want.

Here are a few points to know when using the site to find blog images:

  • Free photographs are also available to non-subscribers.
  • Pro images are cheap and affordable.
  • Users don’t have to purchase a subscription to get downloads.
  • Filters can remove photo backgrounds and change specific colors.

As you can see, Canva is one of the best websites to get amazing images for a low price. The unlimited options can add a professional touch to your blog posts.

2. iStock

As an extension of Getty Images, iStock has many photos available for registered users who want perfect pictures. The platform is one of the longest-standing in the photography industry and continues to be a top choice. You have options to subscribe or buy images individually for one price.

The average purchase range is $12-$33 and doesn’t include hidden fees or require additional purchases to complete your order. While some users complain that high-quality images cost more, the price is still unbeatable if one photo per charge is convenient for you. It helps save money and reduces transactions every month.

Read on to determine why iStock has some of the best images on the internet:

  • Credible and trustworthy due to the Getty Images connection.
  • Various image sizes are downloadable for only a flat cost.
  • Pro and free accounts have access to a variety of photographs

Since iStock has a connection to a well-respected image platform, you can count on getting amazing color photographs snapped by professional photographers actively working in the industry.

3. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is widely favorable among countless blog writers and vloggers who maintain faceless social media accounts. The platform boasts over one million free images, accessible at only $4.99 per month. Aside from its imagery section, it also provides vector graphics for bloggers who prefer to add a cartoonish feel to their posts.

What sets Dreamstime apart from its competitors is its category organization. The list format is comprehensive and specific, which helps users narrow their searches instead of looking through numerous pages to find the right photo. It also prevents confusion during a search.

If you don’t want to buy a subscription package, you can pay for a particular amount of credits. You can use each credit until they run out and then buy more. The process is that easy!

Here is what you must know about Dreamtime’s content and benefits:

  • Easy navigation around the website.
  • Over ten credit packages to choose from for a cost-effective price.
  • Clipart is available for purchase to add creativity to photos.

Dreamstime is one of the most reputable platforms in the industry. Its content is versatile and is ready to grab, depending on your needs. While you have to slap down a few dollars to get premium images, which many other bloggers don’t have, you can enjoy the benefits that are worth the payment.

Final Thought

Overall, photos are a significant part of the blog post creation process. You have the information you need to find beautiful images to use consistently. Since your blog is part of your business, attractive photos are always necessary for your posts.

Renata Barton