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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a common question about blogging? Get an answer here!

Yes, you can! As long as you stay on the topic of blogging, you can ask anything you wish. However, I advise you to read this FAQ section before asking a common question.

No. I provide step-by-step instructions about starting a blog using a web host and blogging platform such as WordPress. Additionally, I coach new bloggers on building content for their blogs to get exposure and gain an audience.

Since I handle all of the writing on my blog, I don’t accept collaborations or guest posts. I choose to write each and every single post myself because I have countless knowledge to share with blog newbies who want tips and advice.

Yes, but only if a beginner blogger reaches out to me for assistance ahead of time. I would have to communicate with them to determine what they need and how I can help them.

Yes, I do. I have experience writing articles and web page copy. Also, I recently wrote and published my first eBook. Those are only a few examples of other content writing types I cover.

Not now. However, I do plan to sell blog courses in the near future. I have to mention they won’t be free, but they definitely will be affordable and packed with tons of information, mainly for students to use as strategies for their own blogs.

Yes, I’ll be completely dedicated to helping you grow your blog using professionalstrategies and my own knowledge from years of experience in the industry.