If you’re wondering, “How can I get into blogging without experience?”, WriterAccess.com is a popular choice among aspiring bloggers who want to break into the industry. Find out how you can become a worker on the platform, the benefits you can receive, and the work you can secure from clients who need help and are willing to pay decent money in return.

8 Reasons WriterAccess.com is Good for New Bloggers
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What Is WriterAccess and How Does it Work?

WriterAccess.com is a digital content creation website where writers and clients collaborate on writing projects. It also allows individuals with no experience to build a writing portfolio working for clients who need posts for their company blogs. Read further to determine why the platform is a highly preferred freelance writing website new bloggers use to get their foot in the door.

How Do I Know the Platform Is the Real Deal?

I’m an actual writer on the site and I’ve worked my way up to a high level. Also, I have a five-star rating and a group of clients who I collaborate with regularly. Rarely do I cross paths with scammers because WriterAccess.com catches them quickly and suspends their accounts.

Check out several reasons why I like using the site to get blogging jobs and why it has a good reputation, especially compared to other freelance writing websites like Textbroker, iWriter, and BKA Content.

1. Uses AI-Powered Technology to Match Writers and Clients

Unlike some content platforms with basic features, WriterAccess.com uses a high-tech personality survey system to display specialized jobs, mainly relatable to a blogger’s skills or niche. You get job matches depending on the volume of writing samples you provide.

If you don’t have any articles, you can create a few and add them to your account. One suggestion is to check for new jobs two or three times per day during office hours (9 AM-6 PM EST/Monday through Friday), ensuring that you make money blogging by grabbing and completing assignments fast.

2. Accepts Both Experienced and Beginner Bloggers

A writing degree and extensive experience aren’t needed to join WriterAccess.com. While some writers on the site have worked in the same industries they write about, knowledge isn’t a requirement, but research is preferred.

Also, you don’t have to provide previous industry experience and don’t need writing samples to get past the first stage of the signup process. All you do is take an initial writing test and earn a star level, according to your score.

3. Prioritizes Active Freelancers In Search Results

The algorithm reflects consistent activity and stores data, placing writers in the blogging category and helping them progress past other bloggers who don’t work as often. The exposure benefits you because the more jobs you complete, the more visible you are to clients looking for available freelancers. Consider maintaining an efficient workflow strategy to stay productive and make money blogging consistently.

4. Hosts Informative Webinars to Help Writers Succeed

Webinars have insightful information you likely won’t find elsewhere. They also provide ideas to improve workflow and encourage productivity on the platform. Therefore, you can achieve top talent status on the site and build a portfolio as you complete assignments. Your success rate can also rise if you implement specific tips, encouraging you to submit high-quality work consistently and maintain a positive working relationship with clients.

5. Contacts Writers About Unclaimed Blogging Jobs

An administrator contacts qualified writers via email to handle assignments other bloggers reject. There could be many reasons why some jobs continue to sit for long periods. While it could be an issue for a client, it could also mean more work and an excellent opportunity to make money blogging if you’re capable. The project usually consists of an article batch; you must complete it to get paid.

6. Provides Writers With Pitching Tips

WriterAccess.com administrators are helpful when bloggers experience dry spells or need the motivation to continue applying for jobs. They reveal secrets to keep freelancers working while earning a decent monthly income.

Also, since they care about progression, they outline various ways to pitch effectively to win more jobs and maximize earnings. The process isn’t complicated, but you have to take the time to sit and write attention-grabbing pitches, resulting in a large volume of projects or permanent clients.

7. Allows Direct Client/Talent Communication

Communication through messaging allows you and a client to see if you’re on the same collaborative page. Responsiveness matters because it relates to your reputation as a writer. You must avoid ignoring a client’s message, especially if it mentions a specific project. Also, some clients are demanding and petty, but arguing could backfire on you. Therefore, professionalism wins and can benefit you in the long run.

8. Reinforces Success with Talent Rewards

WriterAccess.com distributes four badges of excellence that range from lowest to highest and depend on word count milestones: Rising Talent (100,000 words), Champion (500,000 words), Master (1,000,000 words), and Guru (2,000,000 words). On the other hand, bloggers have to earn $10,000 over a specific period to make it to the next star level. As you work, your word count accumulates, and you can see your progress in your writer account.

Rewards can motivate you to make money blogging by working hard and taking your profession seriously. It can also give you an advantage over other writers on the platform because it places you on a higher level, especially since the badges are displayed for everyone to see on writer profiles.

Final Thought

Now that you know an effective website to visit for available blogging jobs, consider taking time out of your day to apply and then pitch to secure work. You can get your foot in the door by letting clients know that you can help them with assignments and also level up as a professional blogger.

Renata Barton