Legitimate freelance writing sites can be challenging to find. Many have shut down, with only a few still standing the test of time while remaining favorites among bloggers. However, new freelancers commonly question which platforms are good for finding work and earning money fast. If you’re looking to break into freelance blogging and want to find jobs, check out three platforms I currently use for extra cash.

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2 Best Freelance Writing Sites to Get Blogging Jobs

What Are Freelance Writing Sites?

Freelance writing sites are platforms that allow writers and clients to collaborate on content writing jobs regularly. The client hires a writer to complete an assignment, and the writer receives payment for their service. Common content types include blog posts, web copy, and articles that can either be short or long-form but are usually informational and detailed.

1. nDash

nDash follows a traditional approach to finding writing jobs, such as cold pitching. Lifestyle, finance, industrial, health, and business are the niches available on the site. Although there are zero restrictions on how many specialties you can cover, you must ensure you can handle them simultaneously. Also, your profile is essential for getting jobs and must be as detailed as possible to be verified.

The platform allows writers to pitch topic ideas to clients. If a specific client accepts a concept, they hire the writer to complete a full-length, detailed article or blog post based on the topic they submitted during the pitching process.

Unlike freelance writing sites that lack legitimate industry connections, nDash works with authentic brands and startup businesses to get high-quality writing from capable writers. Various content types include blog posts, articles, whitepapers, email copy, and social media posts. You can enter a flat rate for each category, which clients can see on your profile.

Here are a few facts about nDash:

  • Writers communicate directly with brand clients via messaging.
  • Payment transactions occur via Stripe, only available to U.S. residents.
  • Staff members are highly responsive and prioritize writers and clients.

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2. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is one of the most favored freelance writing sites due to its professional practices and interface. The company has divisions for content strategists, graphic designers, and editors, but its writing department is the most popular, with 17,000+ writers on board. Therefore, snagging jobs can be challenging due to the extensive pool of freelancers waiting for available work.

During the sign-up process, applicants must complete a standard writing test, which they also must pass to gain access to the platform and start working. The copywriting test is optional, but if you want to challenge yourself, go for it! Depending on your score, you can only earn as low as two stars, but five stars are achievable if you answer most of the questions correctly.

You can earn a reasonable amount of revenue despite a low rating. However, it would be best if you targeted clients willing to pay more instead of pocket change. After you complete an assignment, you get one of three ratings based on a client’s satisfaction or the opposite:

Below Expectations – When a client is dissatisfied with a writer’s work, they leave negative feedback, which can lead to a suspension.

Met Expectations – The most common feedback on the platform. Writers submit high-quality articles, blog posts, or webpage copy, follow project instructions along with requirements, and beat deadlines.

Exceeded Expectations – Writers who go above and beyond a client’s outline specifications earn the highest rating, which is often rare on freelance writing sites.

While WriterAccess also releases assignments for writers to grab, they also give you the option to pitch to clients by responding to job postings. You can set your rate per word (e.g. $0.06), but you must remember not to bid too high if the client has a tight budget to divide among multiple writers for one project.

Writers have four options to claim an order:

Crowd: Projects available to the public are the least favored because writers have to race to claim them before they disappear. Also, the competition is very high and often difficult to beat.

Match Up: The AI system matches writers with clients who specialize in their niche.

Love List: Clients who find 50-100+ suitable writers for a specific assignment add them to their love list. As a result, writers receive notifications about available work via email.

Solo: Commonly, solo jobs are preferred because only a specific writer can access an order. They also allow writers to earn more money in a short period.

Here are a few facts about WriterAccess:

  • The platform is known as the “Upwork for Writers.”
  • Writers get opportunities to handle overdue orders.
  • Writers can earn a decent income after leveling up to five or six stars.
  • Freelancers can cash out through Paypal immediately.

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Final Thought

Of course, freelance writing sites aren’t for everyone. They require time, patience, and effort to succeed and obtain various jobs to build a portfolio and industry connections. However, they provide a stepping stone for new bloggers who want to gain experience and earn money for their services.